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we make 100% natural products that taste amazing and look fabulous! All the ingredients in our lip balms

are completely natural and do not contain any  harmful chemicals or nasties.

They are made with the finest shea butter, aloe vera, argan oilcoconut oil, candelilla wax, mica powders and bio glitters.

Little Treasures

Here is a collection of pretty treasures we love at Ruby Balm and thought you might like them too! :)


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You will also have the opportunity to sign up to our newsletter and play our games for a chance to win amazing Ruby balm prizes! If you introduce  your friends to our natural range, you will get to pick a free lip balm of your choice! So many exciting things will be happening here at Ruby Balm from personalised birthday parties, trips, pamper parties and much much more…….so keep yourself updated and watch this space!

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